Wind / Shingle Damage on Your Roof- Repairs, Contractors & What You Should Know

Denver  Colorado is home of roof damage from Hail and Wind.  These 2 elements can do serious damage to your roof and make your life quite complicated if you do not take note of your roof’s condition before a major weather event as well as after.   We spend a tremendous amount of time doing roof repairs on shingles that were not placed correctly or nailed appropriately.  In this post we want to discuss a recent event that we have experienced 3 times of the course of the last 4 months- WIND.

Most Asphalt shingles are engineered to resist damage from high winds however; most roofs begin to deteriorate over time and will eventually become victim to wind damage.  Additionally, wind damage can still occur in conditions that are not considered threatening, when winds responsible for the damages were not classified as “severe,” yet they can still be responsible for considerable loss.  In other circumstances, wind damage may be attributable to higher winds, but the severity of the loss will be greatly exacerbated by pre-existing conditions & defects in  workmanship and actual materials.

Manufacturers typically warrant their products by performance that is relative to wind during the early years of the shingles entire lifespan.  Many factors are accounted for during manufacturing and testing and include sealant strip adhesion, tear resistance, material defects and more are a subset of the items most shingle manufacturers have to test against to prevent failures.

What does all of this have to do with my roof?  Good question.  In the grand scheme of things, the single most important factor in the strength and quality of your roof is greatly reflected by the roof installer.  You can buy the most expensive roof on the planet, but if it is installed poorly, you better start placing your buckets on each floor to catch the flood the next time it rains.  When selecting a local roofing contractor, you should always do an extensive background check and reference check on the company who will do the work.  At Lousberg Roofing & Exteriors, we place tremendous emphasis on how our contractors performed their work from the beginning stages of the project until completion.  We follow all code requirements and standards from the manufacturers as well as current industry regulations.  We have extensive references, a solid rating with the bbb and other consumer advocacy groups, we are licensed and insured.

Finding Denver Roofing Companies To Fix Hail Damage on your Roof

Lousberg Contracting is accredited with the BBB we have an A+ Rating; be sure to also check out these consumer sites to verify not only our reputation, but any other roofing and siding contractors you may be looking to hire.   Ensuring your contractor is honest and trustworthy, start by first doing a Google search with vendors name in quotes, like this- “Lousberg Contractors” .  You should also do a reverse look up on their website to see if they have other companies they are doing business under.  Additionally, check with the secretary of state to see if they are registered as a business within your state and in good standing.

If you are located in Colorado and wish to do a search to investigate anyone, the Colorado Secretary of State Business Directory is here-


You can also visit these consumer affairs complaint directories below to research or file complaints-

For other consumer related affairs issues, visit the entire directory of resources by Federal Government at

Roofing Contractors in Denver – Why Picking The Right One is Important

Whether you are looking to repair, replace or deal with hail damage repair on your roof, There is a lot to consider when choosing reputable Denver roofing contractors.   There are several topics to be listed here but I want to focus on one in this post.  Warranty.

Warranty should be a deal breaker for anyone choosing a roofing company in Denver.  You want to be sure you are covered by not only the contractors workmanship but the products they are putting on your roof.

The purpose of A warranty is to guarantee the workmanship of your roofing company.  No matter where you are, Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lakewood, Boulder, Aurora etc, be sure the contractor offers some transparency into how their business is operated.  Any reputable roofing company will offer at least a 5 year workmanship guarantee (this is typically passed down from the manufacturers with whom they represent and conditions apply) so a clear sign of a “fly by night” roofing contractor is one who will not disclose or offer this.  DO NOT deal with anyone who does not offer this.

Be sure to ask for any references from contractors, AND ask what products they represent.  You can check with the manufacturers online to see if they are listed as a dealer for them.  If they source their product through local supply houses, you should confirm with those suppliers their account status, how long they have been a vendor, their credit history and if they have any other comments to share.  You would be surprised at how helpful this information can be.

At Lousberg contracting, we are fully insured and accredited, and hold all support and warranty statements directly from the manufacturers.  You are fully covered when choosing us!

Roof Replacement- When You Should Get a New Roof

Repairing or Replacing your roof  can be a challenge.  Picking out a home can be difficult enough as it is, but replacing your roof when the time comes can be a very time intensive and involved process.  Here is what you need to be aware of to ensure you are making a good decision.

Keep a close eye out after a heavy or wind-driven rain.   This is a breeding ground for leaks due to poor shingle underlayment, eroding flashing and shingle cracking.

Ice build up- Ice dams in gutters can cause leaking into attic areas, shingle cracking and siding damage.

Excessive high temperatures- if your attic is not ventilating properly, this can cause staining, mold & mildew growth eventual damage. Ensure during high temperatures that you are regulating humidity and ventilation in attic areas.

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